Plasmaskärmaskin, ESAB
Plasmaskärmaskin, ESAB

Plasmaskärmaskin från ESAB

Fakta om produkten:

The E-VENT offers high production performance for automated plasma cutting in such applications as HVAC and blowpipe, or light fabrication.

E-VENT’s modular configuration and compact design meet production needs while minimising floor space requirements. The combination of precise AC drives, rigid beam and low profile gantry guarantees exact positioning and smooth movement at high cutting speeds.

The machine’s down draft table features a cutting grid that can be configured in longitudinal or transverse directions to suit the application. The interchangeable grid allows the E-VENT to be either end loaded from a coil system or side loaded using sheets. A CNC-controlled suction system with integrated suction channel reduces suction volume and saves energy.

ESAB’s plasma torch ensures a smooth, virtual dross-free cut.  E-Vent is available with either arc voltage height control or a gravity-assisted plate-riding roller system, depending on the cutting application.

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År: 2019


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